DevOps Engineer (Financial Background) / 100% Remote

, New York

100% Remote

Full Time

$200k - $250k

DevOps Engineer
This FinTech Start-Up is looking to hire a DevOps engineer to join their team. They power some of the world’s biggest financial and FinTech institutions, as well as many startups.
They offer health, dental, disability, and life insurance benefits, as well as 401(k) matching and visa sponsorships. They accommodate 100% remote work, with teammates living around the globe and paid in their local currency.
  • Deliver automated testing, deployment and will work on CI/CD for applications
  • Manage and configure all development and integration environments both on premise and in the cloud
  • Monitor the general health & automation of development environment
  • Ensure high uptime and availability of services
  • Install, monitor and maintain integration platforms across products and systems
  • Automate build, test, deployment and monitoring across all company systems
  • Improve on software deployment and delivery practices

Desired Qualifications
  • Bachelor's degree and/or at least 4 years experience working with Linux servers.
  • Experience with QUANT TRADING
  • Web application performance optimization and deployment best practices (e.g. canary and zero downtime deployment, container orchestration with Docker Swarm)
  • Linux administration with good experience in shell scripting (Python, bash)
  • Experience with CI-CD pipelines and tools (i.e., Jenkins, GitLab, TeamCity)
  • Experience in automation, monitoring and log management
  • Demonstrable SQL knowledge
  • Experience with AWS (S3, Cloudfront)
  • Experience with monitoring tools (Prometheus, Grafana)
  • Containerized application deployment (k8s, Docker)
  • Experience with configuration management tools (Saltstack, Puppet)
  • Database administration (MySQL, Clickhouse)
  • Experience with key value store (Redis)
  • Experience with load balancers (HAProxy)
  • Experience with financial markets

Posted by: Drew Longmore