Data Engineer Director (Remote)

Bethesda, MD

100% Remote

Full Time

$160k - $180k

Our client enables Universities across the country to visualize and interpret large sets of data, to better highlight key trends and better serve the university community at large. They help Universities understand their analytical needs and develop and maintain models that provide insight into enrollment, revenue, retention, marketing, and class-scheduling opportunities. 

Required Skills & Experience

  • Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • 8+ years of experience in data engineering, as well as hands-on experience with data pipeline development, data warehousing, and ETL processes.
  • Strong leadership and managerial experience, with experience building and leading successful data engineering teams.
  • Expertise in programming languages such as Python, Java, Scala, or similar.
  • Expertise of data storage systems (e.g., relational databases, NoSQL databases, data lakes) and big data technologies (e.g., Hadoop, Spark).

Preferred Education & Experience

  • Previous roles working with education data.
  • Past experience implementing predictive analytics in a production setting.
  • Experience working with large structured and unstructured data sets.

Posted by: Jackson Dechter

Specialization: Data Engineering