IMOT Cybersecurity Specialist

Boston, MA

Open to Remote

Full Time

$100k - $112k

Job Description The security team we’re presently partnering with is actively pursuing growth in their healthcare organization. This company is in the process of hiring in various locations, including Denver, San Francisco/Oakland, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, and Honolulu. They are looking for a full-time IOMT Cybersecurity Specialist, travel will take place.

In this position, you will play a crucial role as a valued contributor, collaborating closely with a team of esteemed security professionals. As an IOMT Cybersecurity Specialist, you will be tasked with assisting in technical aspects related to the implementation of a cybersecurity program for medical/IoT devices. This includes tasks such as identifying and gathering cybersecurity data elements in the asset inventory, as well as executing cybersecurity controls and solutions.
Required Skills & Experience
  • Possess over 5 years of hands-on experience in technology, biomedical engineering, and/or cybersecurity within a healthcare setting
  • Demonstrate a deep technical proficiency in clinical technology, encompassing devices and systems utilized in at least two clinical specialties, alongside a comprehensive understanding of the associated clinical practices
  •  Proficient in performing both routine corrective and planned maintenance activities on medical devices. This includes diagnosing and rectifying equipment malfunctions, involving manufacturers if necessary, to effectively resolve issues and restore equipment to manufacturers' specifications
  • Capable of adhering to the manufacturer’s planned maintenance instructions and applying expertise to test and maintain biomedical instrumentation lacking specific maintenance procedures
  • Well-versed in HTM modalities, radiologic technology, safety protocols, electrical and mechanical systems, networking principles, and regulatory standards governing all aspects of imaging equipment
Desired Skills & Experience
  • Hold a Bachelor's degree in computer science, engineering, social science, education, business, healthcare, or a related field, with a minimum of three (3) years of experience in IT or operations
  • Possess an Associate degree in biomedical instrumentation maintenance and repair, OR have completed DOD military training.
  •  Demonstrate the skill to simplify complex concepts and effectively communicate cybersecurity requirements to application owners
  • Showcase a track record of successful collaborative and cross-functional execution within clinical departments, network security, biomedical engineering, and clinical application system administrator teams
What You Will Be Doing
  • Implement controls using hardening guides to minimize the potential attack surface within the medical/IoT device environment
  • Collaborate with fellow Healthcare Technology Management (HTM) experts to establish a robust cybersecurity program
  • Coordinate with clinical operations to facilitate access to medical devices, employing a combination of virtual and onsite support to address high vulnerabilities
  • Collaborate with application owners to track and report on vulnerability remediation activities, ensuring compliance of IT controls for medical devices
  • Foster relationships with key vendors, KP cybersecurity consultants, program leads, system administrators, application owners, and network strategy consultants

Applicants must be currently authorized to work in the US on a full-time basis now and in the future.

Posted by: Athena Furman

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