Lead UX Researcher - FinTech

Frisco, Texas

Local Only

Full Time

$155k - $185k

Job Description 

This financial organization focuses on retirement planning, investment, and insurance services for those working for nonprofit organizations in academic, research, medical, government, and cultural fields.

They are looking for a Lead UX Researcher to lead an in-house team of 4-5 researchers using mixed methods (primarily qualitative) research for all of their digital offerings. This is a hybrid role that requires you to come into the office 3 times a week in Frisco, TX.


Required Skills & Experience 
  • 4-8 years of similar or related experience
  • Bachelor's degree required or minimum of four years directly related experience
  • Research Methodologies: Proficiency in qualitative research methods such as interviews, surveys, and usability testing
  • User-Experience Design: Understanding of UX principles and the ability to apply them throughout the research process to ensure user needs/preferences and collaborate with UX designers
  • Experience with successfully leading a team
  • Experience working as a UX Designer
What You Will Be Doing 
  1. Developing and executing a research strategy with the overall product design goals. This understanding of the research needs, defining research objectives, and determining appropriate methods.
  2. Planning and managing research projects, including setting timelines, allocating resources, and coordinating with cross-functional teams to ensure smooth execution and delivery of research insights.
  3. Leading a team of UX researchers, providing guidance, support, and feedback on research methods, and analysis techniques.
  4. Collaboration with product managers, designers, and other stakeholders to understand their research needs, incorporate research findings into decision-making processes and advocate for user needs throughout the product development lifecycle.

Posted by: Andrew Cummings