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Senior NLP Applied Scientist

Jersey City, New Jersey


Full Time

$175k - $200k

A NYC Biotech AI platform is looking for Senior NLP Applied Scientists to help them transform the way in which machines process biomedical information and revolutionize the way in which clinical trials are conducted. You will be working alongside team members with deep technical expertise in NLP, top medical professionals (MDs, pharmacology PhDs, and others), and an experienced product team. The ideal candidate will have strong foundations in computer science and ML/NLP, superb communication skills, significant industry experience and a proven track record of delivery under tight deadlines.
Required Qualifications:
  • Graduate degree in a relevant field (Computer Science, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering)
  • 4+ years of industry experience in designing, building, and deploying NLP models (note: internships and school work do not count)
  • Experience in applying transformer-based deep-learning techniques to challenging NLP problems
  • Fluency in Python and experience with Python-based ML frameworks such as PyTorch and HuggingFace
  • Outstanding communication skills
Preferred Qualifications:
  • Publications in top-tier NLP conferences
  • Experience with distributed ML frameworks such as DeepSpeed and FSDP
  • Background in computational linguistics
  • Design, build, evaluate, and deploy algorithms and models for accurately extracting medical information from structured and unstructured data sources
  • Work closely with product, UX, and clinical teams to prototype and test new functionality
  • Analyze performance results and convey your analyses to relevant stakeholders
  • Conduct research, publish and present your findings at relevant scientific venues
Team Culture:
· We lead with empathy for patients and our teammates.
· We value small egos, self-awareness, and humility in our teammates.
· We appreciate flexible and adaptive attitudes towards solving problems, as strategic priorities may shift.
· We love diversity of thought, perspective, working style, skill set, knowledge, and interests amongst our team.
· We value open dialogue and brainstorming across multidisciplinary teams.


Posted by: Paddy Beauchamp