DevOps Engineer (Strong Python Experience)

New York, New York

Local Only

Full Time

$130k - $150k

DevOps Engineer
Salary - 130k - 150k
Location: New York, New York - 3 days a week in office

The DevOps Engineer is responsible for the automation, configuration, and management of the business’s cloud-based infrastructure, the design and maintenance of CI/CD pipelines, and development of custom scripts to facilitate automation.

What You'll Do
  • Ensure the stability, integrity, and efficient operation of the in-house information systems that support core organizational functions. This role will:
  • Collaborate with Engineering, Infrastructure, and teams outside of Technology to ensure smooth and reliable operation of software and systems to meet business objectives.
  • Manage and oversee SA’s cloud infrastructure including AWS configurations, DNS, various SaaS products.
  • Design and deploy new applications and enhancements to existing processes.
  • Monitor and test system performance; prepare and deliver system performance statistics and reports.
  • Develop and maintain automated provisioning / permissions for third-party applications.
  • Create and maintain documentation as it relates to system configuration, mapping, processes, and service records.

  • 4 years of tech experience with at least 2 years as DevOps Engineer or equivalent.
  • High level of familiarity with IaC in either Terraform or CloudFormation.
  • In-depth understanding of AWS products and their subsequent limitations and mechanics.
  • Basic understanding of GCP API’s and multi cloud platforms.
  • In-depth understanding of GitOps and or other development workflows on at least one major CI/CD platform.
  • Experience and proficiency with at least 1 major monitoring platform (Prometheus, SumoLogic, Grafana, etc).
  • Strong organizational and communication skills with a history of maintaining runbooks and design documentation.
  • Strong scripting skills in Python.

Posted by: Drew Longmore