Senior Systems Engineer

Orlando, Florida


Full Time

$100k - $120k

Job Posting: Senior Systems Engineer - Orlando, FL

Location: Orlando, FL, US

Are you an experienced Systems Engineer looking for an exciting opportunity to plan, design, and implement software solutions? Join our dynamic team in Orlando, FL, where you'll play a critical role in integrating discrete software applications and systems into a comprehensive, integrated system of systems. As a Senior Systems Engineer, you'll also have the chance to lead and manage DevOps initiatives, ensuring the seamless integration of software into cloud environments. If you're a proactive problem solver with a deep understanding of complex technical challenges, we encourage you to apply.

Job Summary: In this role, you will be responsible for devising and executing software solutions that facilitate the integration of various software applications and systems into a cohesive system of systems. You'll take the lead in establishing and managing a DevOps environment that supports continuous integration, continuous deployment, automated testing, and automated installation of software within cloud infrastructures. Collaboration will be a key element of your role as you work within the Agile development framework to ensure that the DevOps environment accommodates diverse implementation methodologies across distributed teams. Your expertise will be crucial in delivering customer-specific capabilities with minimal supervision.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Interpret complex requirements and specifications to identify technical solutions.
  • Oversee verification, validation, testing, and debugging of solutions to ensure compliance with schedule, cost, and specifications.
  • Manage system installation and testing processes.
  • Collaborate with customer representatives to derive technical requirements and guide system and subsystem design and development.
  • Lead development, implementation, testing, documentation, and installation of hardware and software systems and equipment.

Required Skills:

  • Proficiency in configuring and deploying software systems within virtual machine and container-based cloud infrastructure.
  • Competence with orchestration tools for virtual machines, containers, and infrastructure as code.
  • Experience with large-scale system design and development, software standards, quality assurance, DevOps, cybersecurity, virtualization technologies, and more.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills, with the ability to lead teams with minimal supervision.
  • Proficiency in Linux system administration and familiarity with Red Hat enterprise services such as OpenShift, Ansible Tower, and Single Sign-On.
  • Familiarity with Linux, VMware, OpenShift, and the broader Red Hat suite of enterprise products.
  • Knowledge of private and hybrid cloud design, operation, monitoring, and deployment, including VMware vCenter and ESXi.
  • Scripting proficiency for automation, administration, data collection, and reporting.
  • Excellent communication skills and a collaborative approach to teamwork.

Desired Skills:

  • Ability to manage configuration, version control, and backup of scripts and work products.
  • Experience with Kubernetes or other container orchestration frameworks.
  • Expertise in offensive and/or defensive cyber training.

Required Education/Experience:

  • Bachelor's degree in a technical discipline like computer science, systems, or software engineering from an accredited college or university.
  • Seven (7) years of experience addressing complex Department of Defense engineering and technical challenges in a senior-level role.

If you're a seasoned Systems Engineer with a passion for overcoming challenges and driving innovation, we encourage you to apply and join our team in Orlando.

Posted by: Lauren Proctor

Specialization: Cloud Engineer