Engineering Manager - Remote

San Francisco, CA

Local Only

Full Time

$200k - $240k

This company is consolidating employer systems, such as payroll, benefits, HR, etc., under a single API. The value proposition is that they greatly simplify platform information interchange, security, and compliance. The business has already made tremendous progress with customers, despite the fact that the conditions of their Series B fundraising were just just agreed by the company.

An engineering manager who can oversee a team of six persons is now needed. A hands-on manager with knowledge of Node would be the best choice, even if coding would only be done less than 30% of the time and would mostly be done to free up the team rather than to finish the allocated task.

Required Skills & Experience
  • 5+ yrs software engineer experience
  • 1+ yr(s) management experience
  • Node
  • Express
  • Typescript

The Offer
You will receive the following benefits:
  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • Equity
  • PTO

Posted by: Bianca Lagamon