Engineering Manager - Remote - Node

San Francisco, CA

Local Only

Full Time

$200k - $230k

Employer systems including payroll, benefits, HR, etc. are being consolidated with this company under a single API. They significantly simplify platform information exchange, security, and compliance, which is the value proposition. Even though the company has only recently finalized the terms of their Series B fundraising, it has already made significant headway with clients.

They're currently looking for an Engineering Manager who can manage a team of six people. Even though coding would only be done less than 30% of the time and would mostly be done to free up the team rather than to complete the assigned task, a hands-on manager with expertise of Node would be the best candidate.

Required Skills & Experience
  • 6+ yrs software engineer experience
  • 1+ yr(s) of management experience
  • Node
  • Typescript
  • PostgresQL

The Offer
You will receive the following benefits:
  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • Equity
  • Paid sick leave, PTO

Posted by: Bianca Lagamon