Senior Software Engineer - Golang - Remote

San Francisco, CA

Local Only

Full Time

$170k - $190k

The most latest technology for workplace collaboration are owned by this company. All of the information, actions, and communications of the business team may be managed centrally using their platform. The company works to create technologies that facilitate cross-border collaboration and cooperation so that people can interact in novel contexts and modes.

They are currently looking for a Senior Backend Engineer who is eager to work on new development projects. Your first opportunity will be to work on the identity and access management application. Go, AWS/GCP, and Kubernetes are the three main elements of the current environment.

Required Skills & Experience
  • 6+ yrs software engineer experience
  • Golang
  • GCP
  • AWS
  • Kubernetes
  • Terraform

The Offer
You will receive the following benefits:
  • Medical, Dental, Vision Insurance
  • Equity
  • PTO

Posted by: Bianca Lagamon