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Kubernetes Admin/SRE /Sandy Springs

sandy springs, Georgia


Full Time

$109k - $140k

This company is a leading player in the Digital software company specializing in highly regulated sectors. 

Role Overview: We are currently seeking a skilled Site Reliability Engineer III with expertise in Kubernetes Administration. The ideal candidate will be adept at working with Kubernetes (EKS), EKSA (anywhere), and possess proficiency in Middleware, Terraform, ArgoCD, Flux, GitOps, and Istio. The role involves managing low/mid OnPrem Kubernetes, building top-notch clusters, and configuring the Kubernetes control plane. Candidates will engage in Kubernetes administrative work, ensuring the smooth operation of our infrastructure.

Key Requirements:

  • Kubernetes (EKS), EKSA (anywhere): Ability to create and operate on your own infrastructure.
  • Middleware / Terraform / ArgoCD: Experience with declarative, GitOps continuous delivery tools for Kubernetes.
  • Flux: Familiarity with continuous and progressive delivery solutions for Kubernetes.
  • GitOps: Proficiency in automating the provisioning process of infrastructure, especially in modern cloud environments.
  • Istio: Knowledge of extending Kubernetes to establish a programmable, application-aware network.

Compensation and Benefits:

Sandy Springs, Georgia
3 days Onsite: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 

  • Bonus: 10%
  • PTO: Unlimited
  • Health Insurance: Excellent coverage
  • Stock Options: Incentive stock option plan available
  • Company Status: Still private, allowing for stock purchase.

Posted by: Halie Payne