Highest Paying IT Jobs In Silicon Valley

Highest Paying IT Jobs In Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has been the home to many industry-changing startup and enterprise companies for years. The area has remained at the forefront of tech innovation, enticing top tech talent to move to Northern California in hopes of landing their dream job. 

As companies prepare for a strong 2021 in terms of growth, the tech talent shortage continues to grow. In fact, 60% of CIO's said that they struggled to fill tech roles. This may come as a surprise during a global pandemic that has spiked overall unemployment to 8.4% during the peak of COVID-19.

Curious which roles are in high demand and paying competitive salaries? Motion Recruitment has gathered a summary of this data to put together our 2021 Tech Salary Guide. See where your experience and the current tech market line up going into 2021.

To learn more about these high demand roles and salary ranges, read below:


Software Front-End Salaries

Software Engineers ranked tenth on the list of the most in-demand jobs in Silicon Valley according to Indeed.com.

Front End Software Developer

Salary Range: $155,529 - $194,409

JavaScript Architect

Salary Range: $194,109 - $219,990

JavaScript Developer

Salary Range: $142,124 - $189,647

Back-End Developer Salaries

The worldwide Software Developer population is expected to grow ~20% from 2019 to 2024 according to Evans Data Corporation.

.Net Architect

Salary Range: $194,109 - $243,714

Golang Developer

Salary Range: $178,292 - $224,663

Java Architect

Salary Range: $187,638 - $232,930

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Infrastructure Salaries

Infrastructure is another technology sector that has seen continual growth year-over-year with a 30% increase in demand and 14% increase in salaries from 2020 to 2021. 

Site Reliability Engineer

Salary Range: $175,482 - $217,362

DevOps Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $191,521 - $232,93

Kubernetes Engineer

Salary Range: $179,874 - $235,51

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Data Salaries

Indeed.com ranked Data Engineers as the 10th most in-demand job in 2020. Data scientists are predicted to see a 30.9% employment growth between 2019-2029, reported by The Bureau of Labor Statistics. In that period, an estimated 10,300 jobs should open up.

Big Data Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $181,168 $265,28

NLP Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $219,990 - $258,81

Machine Learning Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $199,285 - $241,342

Motion Recruitment has witnessed firsthand the resilience and innovation of the Silicon Valley tech market. Our Tech Salary Guide is here to provide the insights you need to continue growing your career in 2021. Download your free copy here or below. 


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