Leadership of Commitment 

Motion leadership guides the growth of critically important company functions including: Delivery operations, business development, account management, talent search, customer engagement, recruitment marketing, data intelligence, and corporate shared services.

Each leader makes it their mission to master their disciplinary areas all while committing to an exceptional level of service to the people of Motion and the valued community of tech employers, talent, and partners built over the last 30 years.  

Director-level and above leadership across the company holds a dedicated 13-year average tenure.

Commitment to Leadership 

Great leadership is never complete. We believe it’s a skill set to be continually honed and a goal to chase throughout one’s career. Here at Motion, we make an ongoing and meaningful investment in leaders at all levels offering the tools, guidance, partnership, and growth path needed to actualize on one’s true potential.


Program Details

Leadership Development

Continual training for all management levels on critical topics such as business planning, goal management, team building, and staff development.

Offsite Innovation Forums

Strategic planning events throughout the year address important industry and business trends impacting the future growth plans for Motion.

Local Support Network

Weekly regional management meetings offer valuable collaboration windows to assess local performance and look for new opportunities to succeed.

Executive Sponsorship

All leaders receive thoughtful and elevated involvement from the executive team via quarterly business reviews, monthly consultations, and onsite visits.

Executive Team

Motion propels the organization forward by combining the power of a rich company heritage and heavily tenured executives with valuable external leaders who help to innovate and evolve our future growth strategies. 

Beth Gilfeather


Brad Page


John Rosenbaum


Matt Milano


Gary Wood

Division President – IT Consulting

James Vallone

Executive Vice President

Amy Ackroyd

Executive Vice President, HR

Brian Murphy

Executive Vice President

Ryan Crimmins

VP, Operations

Evan Gordon

VP, Operations

Drew Sussberg

VP, Operations

Brett Sturgill

VP, Operations

Phill Perkins

VP, Operations

Del Crockett

VP, Strategic Accounts

Matt Najera

VP, Enterprise Client Solutions

Nicholas Campo

VP, Business Development

Kelsey Prisby

VP, Field Talent Services

Kelli Jensen

VP, Enterprise Talent Services

Craig Ford

VP, Business Development – IT Consulting

Jeff Henley

VP, Principal Consulting – IT Consulting

Rick Stephenson

VP, Delivery – IT Consulting

Krista Weeks

VP, Finance

Andrew Cannizzo

VP, Security & Enterprise Architecture

Mark Dengler

VP, Business Intelligence

Jack Cullen

Board Member & Advisor 

We look forward to hearing from you on how Motion can help with any of your IT staffing or job search needs.