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Fraud Prevention

Protect Yourself from From Recruitment Fraud

We have seen an increase in postings and social profiles that are using our name yet have no affiliation with Motion Recruitment or any of our brands. These postings and profiles are an attempt to use the Motion Recruitment brand to fool and defraud job seekers and hiring managers by gaining confidential information or requesting funds for equipment or services. These people are in no way, shape or form a part of Motion Recruitment.


With these types of employment scams on the rise, here are ways to protect yourself and ensure you are dealing with a proper and qualified recruitment specialist.

Red Flags to Look Out For


    • Requests for upfront payments. Motion Recruitment will never ask for money from a job seeker during a job search. Any person claiming to be from Motion that requests payment for things like background searches or equipment costs is illegitimate and should be reported and avoided.
    • Generic messaging that doesn’t address you by your name. Scammers attempt to work at a large scale in order to be successful, so be wary of anything that isn’t personalized to you.

    • We do not use freelancer sites to offer work through Motion. We do not post on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Toptal, Taskrabbit, or other similar gig sites.  To apply to work with us - directly contact a Motion recruiter or apply to a job posting on our website.
    • Contacting only via text or app. Fake recruiters will often avoid any phone or video conversation, instead only working via text or messaging apps, even during the supposed “interview” process.

    • Email responses from non-business addresses. A response that comes from a non-business-related address (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) should be an immediate red flag. Additionally, scammers will create a similar but misspelled version of official email addresses (example: to fool unsuspecting job seekers, so double-check the email address for legitimacy. We will email you only through a email.

    • Recruiters with a lack of social media presence. If a LinkedIn profile of someone who has contacted you about an opportunity has little to no activity or connections, it is likely a scam. 

How to Make Sure You are Talking with an Official Motion Recruitment Specialist

    • Look for official Motion emails. Any email contact will be through an official Motion address. We will never contact you using personal emails such as Gmail or Yahoo.
    • Contact with a Motion recruiter will go beyond social media channels. While the Motion team does initiate contact and have discussions through LinkedIn InMail and other social media channels, once things go further into the process of working with Motion, additional communications will be via official Motion emails, video chats or phone calls.
    • Apply for positions through our job board or through official job search sites. When applying for jobs on LinkedIn, Dice, Monster and others, make sure that it is from Motion’s official section on those job boards, and any response to your application comes from a Motion email address.

Not Sure if an Opportunity is Legitimate? Contact Your Local Motion Recruitment Office.

A member of our team will be able to quickly figure out if the person you're talking to and/or the job you are looking at is real or a scam.