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IT Staffing Solutions for Every Need

Within the IT landscape, change is constant. Emerging new tech trends, project shifts, mergers and acquisitions, and even macroeconomic influences can all make planning for your team’s expansion or your own tech career, well, overwhelming.

We understand that your needs may vary and that they can also change.

Motion helps navigate these changes and the road ahead with a comprehensive and adaptable suite of IT recruitment solutions delivered within specialized technical and geographic market disciplines: 

Employer Solutions

Offering a full array of IT Staffing & Recruiting solutions, we help companies find, attract, hire and grow with the best tech talent on the market. Learn more

  • Enterprise IT Contract Staffing: For MSP or internal IT Staffing Programs with engagement models ranging from direct contact to vendor neutral relationships (utilizing VMS systems).
  • IT Contract Staffing: For contract or contract-to-hire tech positions including project-based needs under Statement of Work (SOW).
  • Direct/Perm IT Hires: For permanent tech positions.
  • Exec-Level IT Hires: For VP and C-suite tech positions.
  • Remote IT Hires: For tech positions with the flexibility to work from another onshore location.


***For interest in additional TA solutions including Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Services Provider (MSP), or Employer Branding, please visit other parent company provider, Sevenstep.

Agency Locations

Motion’s offices build powerful local networks of tech talent and tech employers across 16 North American markets. Additional Talent Services delivery centers also remotely service all 50 states and multiple Canadian provinces. All jobs in all locations can be found here.

Partnership Is Everything

Pictured is Motion’s Director-level and above leadership team with an impressive and loyal average company tenure of 12 years.

Motion certainly knows a thing or two about partnership with our longstanding commitment to the tech staffing industry and to each other.

For the past three decades, Motion senior leadership has been together building a people-focused organization with our unique team delivery model, immersive and ongoing learning & development program, and meaningful mentorship. Career growth and promotions happen frequently here and are continued celebrations of our culture as well as reminders of some of the most important work we do. 

We carry this same internal practice of encouragement, generous support, and expert guidance out to our clients and candidates every day. We’re fully committed to your career as well and would be honored to help you expand your team or find that perfect new job. It’s all possible with the right recruitment partner.


Matt Milano – President  

Motion Recruitment,  part of parent company Motion Recruitment Partners LLC (MRP), provides IT Staffing solutions across North America for contract, contract to hire, and direct hire needs. Sevenstep, also part of MRP, provides Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Managed Service Provider (MSP), Talent Data Analytics, and Employment Branding solutions to large scale employers across the globe. To learn more about Sevenstep, please visit