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Software Recruiting Expertise

Motion teams dedicated to Product + UX recruiting deeply understand this tech sector and — more importantly — deeply penetrate their local marketplace to create rich and relevant networks with a focus on the following disciplines:


Front End

Angular, React, Vue.js, TypeScript, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Back End

Java, .NET, Python, Ruby, PHP, Golang, Node, Scala, Elixir, Rust, Erlang, Clojure

Full Stack

UI, Middle Tier, Back End

Embedded C/C++



SDET, Automation, Manual, Verification & Validation

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National Market Insights for Software Recruiting

Recruitment trends are the backbone of how we work. Our teams research and share local marketplace intel as part of our everyday routine and data-driven approach to produce results.

Full-stack Developer


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Golang Developer


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Senior Back-end Developer


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JavaScript Developer


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The line between front-end and back-end development continues to blur and many companies today are now looking for more versatile engineers who can apply their skills wherever needed in the stack. Developers who are solely or heavily focused on the front end should be minimally knowledgeable about data structures and algorithms to compete in today’s market. The same is true for back-end engineers needing to be aware of the experience of the user.


16 years at Motion

Recruitment Expert in Front-end, Full Stack


The shift away from monolithic applications and toward microservices architecture and cloud-based platforms is a large movement among many companies right now. A common misconception is that an open-source strategy is the only way to go. But many companies still see .NET, albeit an older technology, as a highly reliable support structure for moving experienced (and even junior) engineers into a more modern technology environment.


5 years at Motion

Recruitment Expert in Back End, .Net, C#