Virtual Interview Tips You Can Implement Now As an Employer

Virtual Interview Tips You Can Implement Now As an Employer

When the current climate calls for businesses to limit face-to-face contact,  not only can you can continue hiring, but you can do it successfully by conducting virtual interviews. All you need are some virtual interview resources that will enable you to continue hitting business goals while navigating around circumstances, whether it's the need for social distancing during challenging times or something minimal like a scheduling conflict.

Many companies are adopting remote work policies for their employees while they continue to conduct business during this time. While working from home may not be a problem for some teams, for others it may affect necessary business functions typically requiring face-to-face interaction like interviewing candidates, hiring tech talent and on-boarding new hires. 

A normal hiring process includes phone interviews, tech tests and on-site interviews, which are important for hiring managers; after all, 93% of communication is non-verbal. However, you can still accomplish a final round interview through alternative means and successfully hire a software developer remotely. In fact, 57% of candidates prefer live video interviews.

Looking for tech candidates to try out these virtual interview tips with? Talk to us about your hiring needs, and we'll help.

Many hiring managers are using video to conduct virtual interviews as an alternative to on-site interviews. In fact, 5 minutes of live video interviewing is considered equal to a 200 question written assessment. This allows the hiring manager to safely capture things he or she looks for during an on-site interaction such as the candidate’s personality, communication, body language and culture fit while virtually interviewing. Data suggests that video interviewing is six times quicker than a phone interview. 

Conducting video interviews is a new or growing skill for many hiring managers, so we’ve provided a resource list of all the advice you’ll need to prepare and conduct a remote job interview and hire the right candidates. 

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