Why Aren’t Job Seekers Applying to Your Jobs?

Why Aren’t Job Seekers Applying to Your Jobs?

Why aren’t job seekers applying to your ads? To find out, Indeed surveyed 500 job seekers from diverse sectors across the U.S. Not surprisingly, their findings show that a variety of factors influence whether job seekers opt out of applying.

According to Indeed:

“While employers often focus on the best ways to attract talent, such as competitive compensation or top-notch perks, it’s equally important to take a close look at what pushes potentially great candidates away. By better understanding their rationale, employers can adjust their job postings to attract a wider swathe of potential talent.”

Highlights of the research include:

Employers should carefully consider the number of job requirements listed in their ads:

  • A third of job seekers have opted out of applying because they lacked the experience (31%), education (31%) or technical skills (29%)
  • According to the employers surveyed, a job seeker needs to meet an average of only 70% of the job requirements to be considered for a role, suggesting an opportunity for employers to reassess their ads to see if that extra 30% can be cut

Company culture and instability can also factor into the choice:

  • 20% of job seekers have opted not to apply for a role due to the tone of the job description.
  • 19% have opted out of applying for a role due to worries about the company’s stability.
  • 18% say they have decided not to apply for positions because of “culture fit” concerns.

"This is a timely moment for employers to rethink their job descriptions and ensure they aren’t unintentionally turning away highly qualified talent.”

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