4 Important Things to Do After You’ve Accepted a New Job

4 Important Things to Do After You’ve Accepted a New Job

You’ve trudged through the job boards and all the listings (with possibly a tech recruiter helping you on the way), put on your nice shirt and aced the interviews, got an offer from your dream company and have accepted. Paperwork has been filled, you’ve put in your two weeks’ notice and are ready for the new and exciting challenges that this new opportunity will have in store for you.

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However, as you’re ending your time at your old company on a high note, there’s still some final leg work to do on wrapping up your job search. While this job search might have come to an end, it’s important for the rest of your professional career to stay on good terms with as many people as possible, as nobody knows what the future will bring. By following through on these 4 important things, you can head to your new job with a clean slate and a positive impression on your professional network.

1. End the Interview Process with All Other Companies

Withdraw your applications and other interview activities and gracefully turn down other offers on the table. Send an email to hiring managers you were in the process with to express your appreciation for their interest but let them know that you have accepted another offer.

While it can feel hard to cancel an interview for the fear of burning any bridges, ultimately emploContract-Role-CTAyers appreciate transparency above all else and will be grateful you didn’t waste their time.

2. Inform and Deactivate with Recruiting Agencies

If you’ve been working with a job recruiter, let them know that you are off the market. It doesn’t have to be a drawn-out process, all it needs to be is a simple email or phone call. The important thing is to be clear and direct. Giving a vague message may imply that you would consider continuing your job search. Keep it simple and respectful, so the recruiter is not working to find you a role after you’ve accepted an offer elsewhere. You never know when you may work with a recruiter again, so try and stay on good terms. That recruiter likely has an expansive network that could be beneficial for both of you down the road.

3. Remove Your Resume and Profile from Online Job Boards

Putting yourself out there on job boards is a great way to get noticed and find a new job. Approximately 50% of candidates are getting hired by posting their resumes on an online job board, so for many job seekers, it’s a main driver of success. However, it’s important to keep track of when and where you have put your information during your job search. Once you’ve concluded your job hunt, go back to where you’ve posted your information and remove it from the site.

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Failing to close these loops and leaving things like your resume up for companies to see can lead to continued solicitation emails and phone calls. Most importantly, if your new employer were to discover your active profile, it can send the signal that you are not committed to your new role, which could jeopardize your new professional relationships within the company. Eliminate this threat by simply removing your resume from all job board sites.

4. Update your LinkedIn Account

Now it’s time to share the great news with the rest of your professional network! If during your search you added banners to your LinkedIn profile picture like “open to work” or changed your status to “open to opportunities", now would be the time to remove those from your profile. Once you’ve informed your soon-to-be previous company about your impending departure, announce to the world your new role by updating your LinkedIn account with your newly accepted position, company, and job duties.

Switching jobs is always an exciting time but there is a lot going on at once. With all the things spinning in your head, it’s easy to lose track of the details that could leave a bad impression on those in your professional network. Remember these steps and your transition from one job to the next will be a complete success!

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