5 Remote IT Jobs that are Hiring Right Now to Boost Your Tech Career

5 Remote IT Jobs that are Hiring Right Now to Boost Your Tech Career

It has become clear that there is a schism between tech workers and some major companies and managers about the importance of workers coming into the office, a hybrid approach or a fully remote work environment. With surveys showing that those inside the IT job market are looking for flexibility in a work environment above all else, more and more businesses are looking for employees to come into the office at least some of the time if not 5 days a week.

While many companies are either planning or have already required a return to the office, there are still multiple jobs in a variety of tech fields that are fully remote and available right now. Below is a small sample of what is available on Motion Recruitment’s job board, head over there to see what remote (or hybrid, or in-office) roles are available in your skill set today.


1. Go Engineer: Search for Go Engineer Jobs 

Type: Direct Hire

Salary: Up to $180k/year

Machine learning is the talk of tech right now, and this role will be a part of distributed team-building tools that help accelerate and grow a recently acquired company’s machine learning models and predictive workflows. For those with over 3 years of software engineering experience along with knowledge of Golang and Python, this remote role is not one to pass up on.

2. Site Reliability Engineer: Search for Site Reliability Engineer Jobs 

Type: Direct Hire

Salary: Up to $140k/year

A sales enablement company focusing on the automotive industry, this business is in the fast line when it comes to growth and is looking for someone to help scale and secure its platform.

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Those with experience with AWS, Kubernetes and Terraform should take a look at this fully remote opportunity before it speeds away.

3. Senior Fullstack Java Engineer: Search for Senior Java Engineer Jobs

Type: Direct Hire

Salary: $130k - $160k/year

Fullstack engineers have an opportunity to join this start-up in the travel booking space, as this company is looking for someone to work end-to-end on the complete lifecycle of their consumer-facing software. With a 50/50 tech percentage breakdown between Java and React, this 100% remote job also offers unlimited PTO with company policy stating that 15 days of PTO is mandatory to be taken off.

Tech workers with 5 years or more of professional experience building software, this could be a role that can help your career take off.

4. DevOps Engineer: Search for Devops Engineer Jobs

Type: Direct Hire

Salary: $160k - $180k/year

A startup that is leveraging AI to transform the digital grocery e-commerce experience is shopping for a DevOps Engineer to join their company. This is a unique role in the fact that this will be the first in-house DevOps engineer hire in the company's history, so the person in this role will be able to make a major impact inside the company on day one, all in the comfort of a 100% remote workspace.

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For those looking to set up and manage numerous DevOps processes for a company and engineering team, are proficient in Python and/or Ruby scripting, and have 5-plus years of experience in DevOps/SRE or software engineering, this job might be worth checking out.

5. Senior Cloud Engineer: Search for Senior Cloud Engineer Jobs

Type: Long-Term Contract

Salary: $80 - $95/hour

Many contract roles also allow for 100% remote work, including this long-term contract Senior Cloud Engineer position. Looking for someone with 5 plus years of supporting and maintaining an enterprise hybrid cloud environment, this digital services company is offering this role with a high probability of being picked up to a full-time position.

Despite the concerns that you may have heard about contracting, this contract role (along with any contract role with Motion Recruitment) offers benefits like health insurance, paid sick time, HSA, 401k opportunities, and others - and you can double-check that the pay is market value with a copy of the salary guide.


There are many other fully remote opportunities available on Motion Recruitment’s job board along with hybrid and in-office jobs across the US and Canada. If the jobs above didn’t fit your skill set, click here to find a role that’s right for you.

If you’re looking to learn more about the tech industry and how you can grow your IT career, contact your local Motion Recruitment office. With specialized tech recruiters across the US and Canada, the Motion team can help you find the right job for you and your career. Always free to use for job seekers, contact us today.

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