Highest Paying IT Jobs In Dallas, TX

Highest Paying IT Jobs In Dallas, TX

When there is any mention of the "Texas tech scene or startup hub" the 950K+ populated Austin, TX comes to mind. But just 200 miles northeast exists the nation's fourth-most populated region, Dallas, TX, where nearly two dozen Fortune 500 companies call home.

According to the Computing Technology Association (CompTIA), Texas is ranking as one of the top states for the technology industry. Dallas-Fort Worth falls No. 2 on the list. Last year alone, there were near 150,000 IT job postings, this year seeing a jump to 180,000+. CompTIA also reports that the local DFW region will continue to see an 11% increase throughout 2021. Motion Recruitment collected our hiring and salary data over the last year to create our 2021 Tech Salary Guide, where the above outside data is comparable to our local hiring data. To see a glimpse of the top paying IT jobs in the Dallas- Fort Worth region, continue reading.


Software Developer Salaries

Software Development trends are continuing to evolve, creating a higher demand for associated roles. Those roles include:

Platform Architect

Salary Range: $150,891- $199,709

Robotics Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $129,892- $159,767

Software Developer

Salary Range: $99,115-$134,075

Quality Assurance Salaries

Businesses are continuing to grow a greater appreciation for the Quality Assurance industry as they are looking to get the most value out of their software development and scale their production to release products at a faster pace. With such a high demand for roles with the QA industry, salaries tend to match the need. See the highest paying salaries here:

SDET Salaries

Salary Range: $102,165-$138,908

QA Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $84,532-$110,949

QA Automation Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $104,712- $120,347

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Infrastructure Salaries

In 2021, the infrastructure industry is expected to place a greater emphasis on scanning other opportunities in emerging markets with a main focus of selecting, preparing, and delivering projects. The infrastructure tech sector continues to expand in demand creating high paying salaries. See below for the top paying salaries in Dallas:

DevOps Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $103,573-$139,008

DevOps Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $131,364-$159,767

Kubernetes Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $113,254-$161,542

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Data Salaries

With the amount of data in the world predicted to reach a whopping 175 zettabytes by 2025, it's no surprise that the demand for data professionals has increased. Data Scientists and related roles have become some of the most sought after jobs.

Big Data Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $124,000-$181,957

    NLP Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $153,656-$177,519

 Data Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $136,689-$166,424

Motion Recruitment has witnessed firsthand the resilience and innovation of the Dallas-Fort Worth tech market. Our Tech Salary Guide is here to provide the insights you need to continue growing your career in 2021. Download your free copy here or below. 

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