Tech Salaries in 2024

The 2024 Tech Salary Guide gives both tech talent and hiring managers the invaluable IT job market information they need to stay ahead in the industry.

In this guide you will find:

  • 2024 US tech salaries for 120+ tech roles
  • Major market-shaping trends 
  • Remote geographical salary adjustments

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2024 content highlights

What is the average tech salary for software workers?

The average salary for software workers is $125,000 for mid-level employees and $145,110 for senior-level employees, but these numbers vary significantly based on location, industry and company size. Download our guide to find the salary for your role. 


Did tech salaries increase this year?

Tech workers overall saw a 2% increase in salaries year-over-year, which was lower than in years past. A factor for this more modest salary increase was 2023 being the year the tech market adjusted from the hyperactive hiring spree in 2021 and 2022.


What has impacted tech salary growth for 2024?

While the tech layoffs that generated headlines throughout 2023 were also a factor, the fact remains the tech unemployment rates continues to stay around 2%, which is approximately half of the the national rate. Download our 2024 Tech Salary Guide to learn more about the trends that will shape the IT job market in 2024 and beyond. 



“Tech workers in 2024 need to have an honest assessment of the skills they bring to the job market. Truly “A-level” talent still have the opportunity to essentially name their price and work environment, but for everyone else, candidates can’t set unrealistic expectations or risk missing out on otherwise quality opportunities.”

Phill Perkins

Vice President


“While neither the employed nor their employers have the upper hand in the 2023 job market, 2024 will see job seekers and hiring managers coming to a compromise on what is most important in an employment agreement. Companies cutting costs & corners with tech talent will lose out, and candidates may need to consider a more hybrid (versus fully remote) work environment.”

Kelsey Prisby

Vice President


“In 2024, we will see tech workers and hiring managers have a better understanding of how AI tools are impacting their workflows and how to successfully implement them. Artificial Intelligence has the chance to greatly improve productivity across tech, but only if workers are trained properly on what these tools can and cannot do.”

John Rosenbaum

Chief Information Officer