Motion’s Community Platform, Tech in Motion, brings their Award Show The Timmys Back For 2024

Motion’s Community Platform, Tech in Motion, brings their Award Show The Timmys Back For 2024

Tech in Motion, Motion Recruitment’s community platform with over 300,000 members, is bringing back the Timmy Awards with a live show streaming worldwide On October 17th, 2024.

A celebration of the very best in tech, nominations for the 9th edition of the Timmy Awards are now open. This year’s show will be completely revamped, with the intent to a return to an in-person show for the first time since 2019 and brand-new categories to look towards the future and better represent technologists and the evolving tech community.

Nominate Your Company or Tech Manager for a 2024 Timmy Award Today!

“Having the opportunity to honor the best people and companies to work for in tech is one of the highlights of our year,” said Lindsay Lewis, Executive Director of Marketing at Motion Recruitment. “With a return to in-person and a new awards structure that reflects the changes in the industry, this comes at a time where those fostering true leadership and growth in the tech workplace most need to be recognized. As the founders of Tech in Motion, we are excited to see who will be nominated and take home the Timmy Awards in 2024!”

Changes for the 2024 Timmy Awards

Networking Before and After the Show

Beyond handing out awards, the 2024 Timmys Awards will be an all-day event full of panels and immersive workshops all leading up to the main ceremony. For those not able to attend in person, the 2024 Timmys will be live-streamed so technologists can enjoy the ceremony from the comfort of their homes.

Awards are No Longer City Based. Any Tech Worker or Tech Company can Nominate, No Matter Where You Live and Work.

The tech world has changed since the Timmys began in 2014, and technologists no longer only live in the major cities of North America. This is why this year’s Timmy Awards are no longer limited to specific cities/locations. If you are a tech professional or passionate about a tech company anywhere in North America, you are welcome to submit a nomination.

Brand New Categories

This year’s Timmy Awards adds three new categories to the mix, the Technology Team of the Year, Best Remote Work Culture, and Community Choice Award, along with previous Timmy categories including Best Tech Startup, Best Tech Manager, Best Tech Work Culture, Best Tech Workplace for Diversity, Best Tech Enterprise Employer and Best Tech for Good.

Technology Team of the Year: This award recognizes a subset of your entire tech organization, such as a particular security or software development team, that has demonstrated unwavering dedication to advancing their company's overall mission.

A 2024 Tech Team of the Year demonstrates exceptional technical expertise, a clear and aligned purpose, and a proven ability to drive forward projects and technological advancements and play a pivotal role in contributing to the success of the entire tech department. This high-performing tech team stands out in their organization for exemplifying strong leadership, innovation, and collaboration.

Best Remote Work Culture: This award celebrates organizations that have proven remarkable adaptability and resilience-fostering an inclusive, collaborative, and engaged work culture for their remote workforce. Whether they are investing in cutting-edge project management or communication technology, actively promoting a healthy work-life balance, facilitating virtual team bonding activities, or offering regular recognition or check-ins--recipients of this award go above and beyond to ensure their tech talent feel valued and supported.

The 2024 Best Remote Work Cultures not only set a new standard for the future of work but also ensure that distance never hinders productivity and unity among their remote tech team.

Community Choice Award: Technologists across North America will be able to vote for their favorite companies and tech workers for the Community Choice Award. Unlike other Timmy Awards, which are decided by a panel of expert judges across all tech fields, the Community Choice Award is decided by you!

In each category, a poll will be put up for the tech community to put in their vote for their favorite company or tech worker. The winner of that vote will receive the brand-new Community Choice Award.

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