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Case Study

Big Bank Turns to MATRIX to Fill Dozens of Information Security Roles


Our client is a Fortune 500 multinational financial services company. The firm offers banking, lending, and wealth management services to more than 70 million customers worldwide. With more than 250,000 employees, the firm generates annual revenues of nearly $100 billion.


Urgent Need for Information Security Talent Stretches Internal Recruiting Capabilities

The firm was aggressively hiring to build a world-class information security team. Like many organizations, they were finding that hiring enough IT security professionals was tough. Although the demand for tech workers is high, the demand for security personnel is unparalleled. According to a recent poll by CIO Magazine, 72% of respondents indicated that information security was their number one category for increased spending – driving demand for information security professionals through the roof.

Their search would be difficult under normal conditions but complicating the effort, because this company is in a highly regulated industry, the minimum requirements for people filling these roles are stringent and must be tightly followed – no exceptions.

Motion Recruitment had been one of the client’s preferred vendors for over a decade filling contract and some perm slots. During this time, the client learned of the firm’s Rapid Scale Hiring delivery model. This customizable model is appealing to many hiring organizations because of its cost savings and the ability to quickly turn it on and off as their needs change, unlike traditional multiyear outsourcing. The client engaged Motion exclusively to use one approach of their Rapid Scale Hiring model. Their selected approach would focus on candidate quality and augment the client’s overburdened team while streamlining their current recruiting processes.


Rapid Scale Hiring provides a streamlined, scalable, affordable approach

The Motion Recruitment team consists of onshore sourcers and recruiters partially embedded at multiple client locations. Under their selected approach of the Rapid Scale Hiring delivery model, Motion manages all its sourcing/recruiting personnel as well as the sourcing technology. The Motion sourcing team targets passive candidates using a toolbox that includes social media, online networking, X-ray (Boolean) internet searches, hyper-targeted ad campaigns, as well as other sophisticated sourcing tools.

The types of roles include information security analysts and risk and audit professionals. The sourcing team provides candidates directly to the client’s internal recruiting team for further screening/interviewing.

The target for acceptance for interviews by the client’s recruiters for those candidates Motion Recruitment supplies is between 75% - 80%, exceptionally high given that the industry average for interviewing is about 50%. The ability of Motion to meet this target underscores the efficiency of their “high candidate quality” approach compared to using multiple staffing agencies scrambling to provide numbers of candidates.

So far, Motion has been responsible for over 50 new security hires – an impressive feat given the extraordinary demand for these roles. This level of success shows Motion’s focus on candidate quality and use of effective and innovative sourcing techniques. This has led the client to engage Motion Recruitment to recruit for other types of openings in addition to information security.


Motion’s Sourcing know-how for tough-to-find roles pays off

This exclusive, onshore, nationwide search for information security talent has resulted in the client quickly filling over 50 positions in multiple office locations throughout the country:

  • With a candidate acceptance rate of 75-80% advancing to the client’s internal screening process, Motion is vastly exceeding the industry average for roles that are exceedingly difficult to fill.
  • Because Motion’s Rapid Scale Hiring delivery model includes a monthly fee that includes sourcing, technology, and team management – costs are much lower and more predictable than contingency recruiting fees.
  • Based on what the client would have paid if they had used an agency with a 20% fee, we were able to save them half a million dollars.
  • Over 50% of the resources we brought in were diversity candidates, meeting the client’s diversity hiring goals.
  • The client’s internal recruiting team, which was wrestling with having to keep up with the pace of demand for these security personnel, can now work on other pressing staffing initiatives.
  • Motion’s success in filling these tough-to-fill slots has the client now using them to fill other roles.