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Case Study

Rapid Scale Hiring Helps Software Company Hire 115+ Professionals for New Tech Hub


A large fleet management software company in the southwest with nearly 15,000 customers was on the move in Mexico City, establishing a new tech hub along with an existing office they had there.

Their goal was ambitious: triple the size of the office in six months.

To help staff the new HQ, they needed to hire engineers, developers, testers, and other tech professionals quickly: 175 permanent professionals proficient in conversational English who could pass the Universal Cognitive Aptitude Test (UCAT).

Hiring such a large number of employees in a short period of time was an overwhelming task for their internal TA group not used to dealing with such spikes in hiring demand.


Motion’s Rapid Scale Hiring solution provided the boost they needed to get over their hiring hump.

Justin Thomason, Motion Recruitment VP of Recruiting, explained the Rapid Scale Hiring Model:

“When it comes to business planning, ambiguity is the new normal. Modern supply chains (including talent) need to be ready for changing demand and unforeseen challenges. Will your business expand or contract? What kind of workforce do you need to meet demand? The ability to scale up or down quickly is essential. And you cannot do that without fine-tuned, flexible, and fast-moving talent acquisition processes.”

Thomason and his team went right to work. They hired eight dedicated, bilingual sourcers and recruiters in Mexico City to pair up with the company’s internal recruiters, including a reporting specialist and team lead for overall supervision while setting client expectations and providing metrics and reporting.

To help streamline the process, the client agreed to provide feedback on candidates within 72 hours or three business days.

Later, the team hired a separate Diversity and Inclusion recruiter embedded within the company to help meet its diversity hiring quota.


Motion arranged and led all weekly reviews with emphasis on, but not limited to, full candidate updates, submitted candidates, disposition status, UCAT results, interview dates and times, interview feedback, offers, acceptances and start dates.

The client’s TA manager said, “Motion was able to uncover the tough-to-find talent, and not just uncover it, but sell them on the opportunity to get buy-in before they ever spoke to a member of our team. There was great value to that.

“Ultimately, Motion enabled international growth for the client by helping them hire more than 115 full-time employees while meeting all diversity quotas.”

Best of all for the client, the Rapid Scale Hiring SOW model saved them significant time and money compared to traditional staffing contingency relationship model.