How to Manage a Remote Team

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Hiring and Leading a Remote Team in Today’s Market

Companies and tech managers have been put to the test in the recent weeks to quickly transition to an all remote experience. For some industries, finding new ways to hire and acclimate tech talent virtually is a necessary reality to meet increased demand. For others, finding creative ways to engage and motivate their staff is paramount to maintaining productivity while working from home. Either way, virtual hiring, training and engagement is a new way forward for tech leaders looking to get ahead in today’s climate.

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Hear the Following Insights on Managing a Remote Team:

  • How to engage an entirely remote candidate pipeline
  • How to acclimate new tech talent into your organization and team
  • How to implement virtual training and engagement programs
  • How to foster engagement and productivity
  • Innovative ways for maintaining your tech work culture
  • Technologies that can help you and your team succeed in a remote environment

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