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Embedded & Robotics Recruiting Expertise

Motion teams dedicated to Robotics recruiting deeply understand the needs of this tech sector and — more importantly — deeply penetrate their local marketplace to create rich and relevant networks with a focus on the following disciplines:

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Embedded Software

Firmware / Hardware

Robotics Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Product Engineering

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National Market Insights for Robotics Recruiting

Recruitment trends are the backbone of how we work. Our teams research and share local marketplace intel as part of our everyday routine and data-driven approach to produce results.

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Robotics Engineering


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Innovation in Robotics has been rapidly growing across all industries and is only going to continue to grow at a faster rate. The biggest issue companies that are hiring are struggling with right now is that the supply of candidates that can meet exact job requirements cannot keep up with the pace and demand of hiring, making it extremely difficult for companies to fill their open roles right now. For businesses looking to grow their Robotics engineering teams, hiring managers should be open to hiring candidates that have relevant transferrable and complementary skill sets and education, and then focus on internal training and mentorship to help new workers grow their knowledge base and keep them happy and engaged."


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