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Digital Solutions

Cloud Enablement & Adoption | Data & Analytics | Internet of Things Solutions | Cybersecurity

Digital Solutions

Motion Telco delivers highly effective Digital Solutions that enable organizations to respond immediately to engineering and business needs with leading edge technology while decreasing systems complexity, accelerating growth, and elevating customer and end user experiences.

Cloud Enablement & Adoption

  • Reduce on-premise infrastructure requirements by migrating to the Cloud.
  • Scale and secure applications by leveraging Cloud platform offered native services.
  • Simplify complex IT environments, reduce IT costs, and increases response time.


Data & Analytics

    • Streamline and elevate processes using the latest generative and predictive data tools.
    • Predict anomalies ahead of time and make platforms more available and reliable.
    • Automate IT operations via AI-powered virtual agents, driving operational costs and efficiencies.

Internet of Things

    • Authenticate location, track speed, and streamline problematic movement of goods.
    • Enable vehicles to better communicate to external systems, ensuring safety and efficiency.
    • Increase operational efficiencies and quality and safety of public life by sharing real-time information.


    • Detect and prevent data security vulnerabilities and breaches comprehensively and compliantly.
    • Strengthen application availability and resiliency.
    • Protect mobile data and applications through a real-time check and strong defense architecture.

Meet our digital solutions leader

Meet a Consultant

Meet a Consultant



Vijay Patwari has over two decades of experience in helping organizations realize the need to implement business and technology transformation. He believes in empowering enterprises with streamlined IT environments through a cloud-first approach. This approach helped substantially reduce systems complexity, making IT environments leaner and more responsive to market opportunities. Vijay’s collaborative approach ensures organizations achieve swift and efficient transformation by executing programs strategically and iteratively, enabling organizations to realize tangible benefits at each stage.

Vijay Patwari


Assistant Vice President of Digital and Emerging Technologies