3 Ways You Can Overcome the Tech Talent Shortage - Beyond Compensation [PDF]

3 Ways You Can Overcome the Tech Talent Shortage - Beyond Compensation [PDF]

With the Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffling and the tech talent shortage, employers are in need of more of the same talent that they're already losing due to turnover - and spending 50-250% more to bring on new hires. 

Among companies that tried and failed to fill tech roles in 2021, then continued to search in 2022, only 20% have been successful in their search.

How can you be successful in finding the talent you need? As a tech professional, is there a way to help fill the gap and improve your position in the tech market?

The 2022 Tech Salary Guide covered how you can help the industry overcome the technical talent gap both as an employer - and as a job candidate looking to get a leg up in a competitive market.

How to Mind the Gap as an Employer:

Start by Rethinking your Requirements: Remove traditional notions of what it means to be qualified for a role. Companies and candidates that spend their time looking for the perfect opportunity without flexibility end up wasting time, not filling vital roles, and missing out on potential matches. As the saying goes, don’t let perfect get in the way of good. Here's some ideas on how to start:

  • Out of the Box Recruiting
  • Develop the Specialty Skills
  • Don’t Depend on a Degree

Upskill Current Skillsets: From the continued growth of STEM programs and coding camps to specialized certifications and self-teaching resources, it is easier than ever for anyone to educate themselves and develop their skills, whether someone newer to the industry or an experienced tech professional. As a hiring manager or candidate, you can utilize these resources or create your own, enhancing your skillsets and combating the shortage of specialized talent. 

  • Create a Culture of Learning
  • Focus on Specific In-Demand Areas

View Contracting as a Solution: Contract roles have increased in popularity in recent years, with both companies and candidates enjoying the production, freedom and flexibility of these positions. 

  • Trial and Growth
  • Start Your Next Project and Career Step, Fast
  • Find Stability in Contracting

Download the Full PDF: How to Overcome the Tech Talent Shortage

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Looking for more insights from the 2022 Tech Salary Guide? Download the Guide below - and use it in conjunction with our 2023 Guide.





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