7 Tips For Developers & Tech Leaders for Success in a Remote or Hybrid Office

7 Tips For Developers & Tech Leaders for Success in a Remote or Hybrid Office

In a short amount of time, a flexible, remote or hybrid work model has become one of the biggest things candidates are looking for when searching for job opportunities, with the companies listening to employees and embracing change being rewarded with increased productivity and a more diverse workforce; alternatively, companies being stubborn and inflexible in their plans are at the forefront of having to deal with employee retention through the changing times as up to 77% of tech workers think about leaving their job going into 2024 according to Hackajob's recent srvey..

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In one of our previous Tech Salary Guides, tech leaders and market insiders shared some ideas on how to be successful in a hybrid or remote workplace

For employers, the biggest tip is to be flexible. Whether it's remote work or scheduling, tech professionals are seeking to be treated as trusted employees.

For tech workers, proactive engagement is key. Setting up check in points and making sure that your expectations are aligned with your manager will go a long way in empowering you to work remotely without losing touch or productivity.

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As the world of work continues to evolve, the hybrid workplace - or an entirely remote role - has become the ask of most technical professionals when job searching, as a third of developers would prefer to work 100% remotely - if not more wanted 3+ days to be remote or flexible. However, there is also the lean towards being able to work face-to-face in some capacity a couple times a week. 

For more on the current state of tech employment, take a look at our Tech Salary Guide. If you're more interested in learning about how the market got here or the transition to hybrid and remote work from 2021 to now, download our 2022 Tech Salary Guide below.


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