Cybersecurity Jobs Paying the Most in 2022

Cybersecurity Jobs Paying the Most in 2022

Cybersecurity continues to be one of the most in-demand skillsets in the tech industry today, according to Motion’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide. With IT salary increases across the board in 2021, it’s no surprise that the Cybersecurity sector saw significant pay jumps on average, looking at an overall 6% increase in salary year-over-year. Certain groups inside the Cybersecurity field saw even higher compensation raises, with network and infrastructure security positions seeing pay increases of up to 16% year-over-year.

"More cutting-edge industries, specifically BioTech companies and those hosted on AWS, are investing earlier in security and protection of intellectual property than before," said Cybersecurity Practice Manager at Motion Mark Reilly. "Businesses are getting ahead of security risks proactively rather than looking at it as a sunk cost post-breach."

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The tech talent shortage is also a factor in Cybersecurity positions, with an estimated 465,000 open Cybersecurity jobs available in the United States, according to a database from the U.S. Commerce Department, and more than 4 million unfilled positions around the globe. With the shift to remote work across North America and the threats that come with that, Cybersecurity workers will continue to be in high demand for the foreseeable future. 

All salary information in this article is based on Motion Recruitment’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide. This year's guide brings insights from tech industry experts, about the latest tech market trends with salary data for over 120 tech positions in 16 cities across North America.

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Cybersecurity Average Overall Salaries

Senior-Level Range: $138,000 – $168,000*

Mid-Level Range: $108,000 – $131,000*

*These salary ranges are based on generalist positions. The highest paying jobs in Cybersecurity will usually be more specialized, for example, AppSecOps, DevSecOps, etc.

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Highest Cybersecurity Salaries

Senior-Level Positions:

  1. Security Architect: $162,000 – $224,000
  1. Cybersecurity Engineer: $165,000 – $205,000
  1. DevSecOps Engineer: $157,000 – $205,000

Mid-Level Positions:

  1. DevSecOps Engineer: $130,000 – $164,000
  1. Security Engineer: $123,000 – $153,000
  1. DevSec Engineer: $113,000 – $157,000

NOTE: With contracting and per hour roles becoming increasingly popular, here is a formula to convert full-time salaries to per hour: (Salary) / 50 (working weeks per year) / 40 (working hours per week) = $X per hour. Then multiply $X by 1.15.

For people inside the Cybersecurity field looking to increase their value in the field, completing and gaining certifications has the ability to boost an IT professional's salary by $12k or more. The certifications that are added to most job listings in the United States include CISSP, CISA, CISM, Security+, and CEH. 

For more salary data like this, download the 2022 Tech Salary Guide for salary data for 16 cities across North America, or the national ranges for the United States and Canada for over 120 tech positions.

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