IT Infrastructure Jobs That Will Command the Highest Salaries in 2022

IT Infrastructure Jobs That Will Command the Highest Salaries in 2022

Along with the rest of the tech industry, professionals with Computer Infrastructure jobs in 2021 saw an increase in salaries in 2021 despite a tumultuous year. According to Motion’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide, Cloud Computing and DevOps positions saw 7% and 6% pay raises on average year-over-year. These figures are in line with the rest of the tech industry, which saw a 6% compensation jump on average.

"Infrastructure remains a growing sector in the tech industry," said Brandon Trimble, Division Manager at Motion Recruitment. "With the new challenges initially brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are being forced to completely revamp the way they do business, and infrastructure positions are the ones that facilitate these changes."

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Modernizing core operations, optimizing components like central and edge data centers, and the continued influx of remote work, there are numerous ways that IT infrastructure teams can positively contribute to major companies. These opportunities to positively impact the business are why businesses are looking to add infrastructure positions, as DevOps Engineer is ranked in the top ten most in-demand tech jobs for 2021.

Read on below to find out the positions that offer the highest salaries in Infrastructure for both mid and senior-level positions.

All salary information in this article is based on Motion Recruitment’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide. Gain insights from tech industry experts, learn about the latest IT market trends and find salary data for over 120 tech positions in 16 cities across North America, all in one place.

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6 Highest Paying Infrastructure Salaries

Senior Level Positions:

  1. Kubernetes Engineer: $145,000 – $190,000
  2. DevOps Architect: $154,000 – $188,000
  3. Control Systems Engineer: $143,000 – $188,000

Mid-Level Positions:

  1. NetOps Engineer: $125,000 – $156,000
  2. Kubernetes Engineer: $97,000 – $133,000
  3. TechOps Engineer: $90,000 – $133,000


IT Infrastructure Average Overall Salaries

Senior-Level Range: $121,000 – $145,000

Mid-Level Range: $87,000 – $113,000

NOTE: With contracting and per hour roles becoming increasingly popular, here is a formula to convert full-time salaries to per hour: (Salary) / 50 (working weeks per year) / 40 (working hours per week) = $X per hour. Then multiply $X by 1.15 (adjustment for benefits, PTO, etc.).


For more salary data like this, download the 2022 Tech Salary Guide for salary data for 16 cities across North America alongside the insights you need for success in 2022 below.

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