The Highest Paying Salaries for Jobs in Data for 2022

The Highest Paying Salaries for Jobs in Data for 2022

In 2021, people working in the data industry commanded some of the highest salaries in tech while also seeing pay jumps that matched with the majority of the IT industry. Motion’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide went through the numbers and found that those working in the data field saw a 5% salary raise on average year-over-year, with the tech industry as a whole being given a 6% pay jump on average.

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While being roughly on par with the rest of the tech world when it comes to salary raises on average, demand for data jobs is skyrocketing. According to LinkedIn, Data Science jobs have increased 650% since 2012, with 11.5 million new jobs projected to be created in the field by 2026. Certain job titles have seen massive gains, with job openings for Machine Learning Engineers growing by an estimated 344% since 2015. Also, a recent survey of organizations has shown that the top upskilling needs currently in tech include Machine Learning, Data Analytics and AI

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This continued inflation of demand for data jobs is being felt across North America.

“Without a doubt, every single company out there, whether growing or sustaining, is currently adding positions focusing on data in order to make more informed decisions,” said Sally Leung, Lead Recruiter at Motion. "With businesses having the ability to gather more information than ever before, having people that can analyze and interpret that data to optimize performance is now a vital part of any successful company.”

Read on below to find the positions that offer the highest salaries in Data for both Mid and senior-level positions.

All salary information in this article is based on Motion Recruitment’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide. Gain insights from tech industry experts, learn about the latest IT market trends and find salary data for over 120 tech positions in 15 cities across North America, all in one place.

Average and highest salaries can vary by region. Find each city's Tech Salary Guide here:

Atlanta Boston Charlotte Chicago Dallas
Seattle Los Angeles New York Orange County Philadelphia
Phoenix San Francisco Silicon Valley Toronto Washington D.C.


Highest Paying Data Jobs in North America

Senior Level Positions:

  1. Big Data Engineer: $146,000 – $214,000
  2. Data Architect: $160,000 – $196,000
  3. Data Modeler: $156,000 – $177,000

Mid-Level Positions:

  1. Big Data Engineer: $111,000 – $191,000
  2. NLP Engineer: $116,000 – $181,000
  3. Data Scientist: $88,000 – $134,000

Data Average Overall Salaries

Senior Level Range: $136,000 – $171,000

Mid-Level Range: $93,000 – $137,000

NOTE: With contracting and per hour roles becoming increasingly popular, here is a formula to convert full-time salaries to per hour: (Salary) / 50 (working weeks per year) / 40 (working hours per week) = $X per hour. Then multiply $X by 1.15 (adjustment for benefits, PTO, etc.).


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For more salary data like this, download the 2022 Tech Salary Guide for salary data for 16 cities across North America alongside the insights you need for success in 2022 below.


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