2024 Chicago IT Salary Figures

Download Motion’s 2024 Chicago Tech Salary Guide to access IT salary data for over 120 specific job titles in Chicago as well as trends and advice from our team of tech recruiting experts. Hiring managers and job candidates alike, your copy is available here now.

As of May 2024, salaries have increased by an average of 1% from date of publishing. For the most updated salaries, you can download our National Tech Salary Guide and calculate your desired region's rates.

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Chicago IT Salaries and Tech Market Insights for 2024

2024 content highlights

The Chicago tech industry continues to make tremendous strides and growth even through the choppy waters of 2023. While salary growth is stabilizing, unemployment rates are far below the national average and quality IT workers still have plenty of opportunities on where they want to work. Motion's 2024 Chicago Tech Salary Guide pours through the data to give technologists and tech leaders in-depth insights into the most pressing topics inside the tech industry, including:

  • The Layoffs and Reabsorption of Tech Workers in 2023
  • The IT Hiring Trends and Tech Skills Most in Demand
  • How the Tech Industry is Handling Remote and Hybrid Work
  • Advice from Experts on How to Succeed in 2024

In addition to market insider information that 30 years of experience deep inside the tech recruiting world brings, our 2024 Chicago Tech Salary Guide includes in-depth compensation averages for hundreds of IT job titles. As always, our goal is to provide you with the data and insights you need to make the right decisions in the tech job market and have the proper expectations when hiring top IT talent.



Tech Market Experts

What tech hiring or job seeking trends
do you expect to see in 2024?


“While neither the employed nor their employers have the upper hand in the 2023 job market, 2024 will see job seekers and hiring managers coming to a compromise on what is most important in an employment agreement. Companies cutting costs & corners with tech talent will lose out, and candidates may need to consider a more hybrid (versus fully remote) work environment.”

Kelsey Prisby

Vice President


“Tech workers in 2024 need to have an honest assessment of the skills they bring to the job market. Truly “A-level” talent still have the opportunity to essentially name their price and work environment, but for everyone else, candidates can’t set unrealistic expectations or risk missing out on otherwise quality opportunities.”

Phill Perkins

Vice President

Max Square BW

“While Chicago in 2023 saw the tech job market saturate and companies were able to take their time when hiring to find the perfect fit, in 2024 we’ll start to see businesses once again need to compete for top tech talent and start giving mid-level workers opportunities to grow into senior positions.

Max Gerdes

Executive Director