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Java Developer Salary for 2024

Java Developer Salary Analysis

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Java Developer Salary and Tech Market Insights for 2024

Tech Talent Continues to Be in High Demand,

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Even with layoffs at the start of the year, businesses in the United States are still constantly looking for top Java developers. Through 2028, the Java developer job growth rate is projected to be at 13% This increasing need has led to a lack of workers with the necessary Java skills companies need.


Java Salaries Begin to Stagnate.


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With the continued economic uncertainty, Java Developer salary growth slowed throughout North America. In fact, Java Developer salaries actually decreased by 2.89 percent year over year. However, the low unemployment rate of Java Developer workers shows that the industry (and salaries) should get back to growing in the future.


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Java Developer Salary FAQs

What is the average Java Developer salary in 2024?


The average Java salary in 2024 for mid-level workers is $117,918 and for senior-level workers is $139,000.


Can where you live in the United States affect a Java Developer salary?


Salary figures can fluctuate between different cities and regions, with places like Charlotte and Phoenix being 6% below the national average, while cities like San Francisco and Silicon Valley have compensation numbers over 25% of the US average tech salary. 


How much did Java Developer Salaries change in 2023?


Java salaries decreased on average by 2.89% year-over-year, which was below the IT industry average of 2% in 2024.


What were the reasons for these changes in Java Developer salaries? 


This overall drop in Java Developer salaries (as well as the rest of the tech industry), can be traced to companies being more cautious in their spending and investments compared to 2021 and 2022. While in previous years businesses were giving out double-digit salary increases to Java developers and others in the IT industry, that did not happen in 2023. However, with a tech talent shortage still happening in the United States, look for more sustainable salary growth in 2024.

Java Developer Trends and Expert Advice

"Despite layoffs around the tech industry, businesses looking for top Java Developers need to sell themselves throughout the hiring process. Things like quick interview practices, a quality work/life balance, and competitive salaries can set a company apart when attracting talent.”

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