Highest Paying IT Jobs In New York

Highest Paying IT Jobs In New York

Despite a global pandemic and waves of layoffs, the tech talent shortage across North America persists in 2021. In fact, 60% of CIO's said that they struggled to fill tech roles. This may come as a surprise during a time when the latest economic downturn spiked unemployment to 14.7% in April 2020.

But one city holds an especially unique circumstance; New York. The Big Apple is the world's second largest tech ecosystem and 2020 certainly challenged its economic stability. However, the latest data shows technology salaries still increased year over year despite the grave challenges faced by the city and an exodus of the workforce. Due to the new reality of remote work, companies rely heavily on their IT professionals, especially in specialized areas like cybersecurity, data science and software development.

Motion Recruitment has gathered this data to bring you the 2021 Tech Salary Guide, showing technology talent supply and demand and how the market is affecting tech salary averages in New York. See where your experience and tech sector line up going into 2021. To learn more about these high demand roles and view average salary ranges, read below:

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Software Developer Salaries

The amount of employed software developers is projected to grow 22% from 2019 to 2029, reported by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are the highest paying roles within the software development discipline:

    .Net Architect

Salary Range: $165,641 - $207,972

Java Architect

Salary Range: $160,120 - $198,770

Golang Developer

Salary Range: $152,145 - $191,715

Security Salaries

Cybersecurity skills had a 70% YoY growth in demand, making them the most in demand skills of 2021. Here are some of the highest paying security roles in New York.

Security Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $171,163-$237,419

DevSecOps Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $166,194-$216,714

Information Security Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $161,960-$196,926

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Infrastructure Salaries

Infrastructure is another technology sector that has seen continual growth year-over-year with a 30% increase in demand. Here are the top infrastructure roles of 2021 with the highest salary ranges.

Site Reliability Engineer

Salary Range: $149,747-$185,485

DevOps Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $163,433 - $198,770

Kubernetes Engineer

Salary Range: $153,494 - $200,978

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Data Salaries

U.S. Labor projects a 30.9% employment growth for data scientists between 2019 and 2029. Here are the top roles within data science with the highest salary ranges:

Data Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $142,738-$183,805

NLP Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $187,727 - $220,855

Machine Learning Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $170,058 - $205,947

Motion Recruitment has witnessed firsthand the resilience and innovation of the New York tech market. Our Tech Salary Guide is here to provide the insights you need to continue growing your career in 2021. Download your free copy here or below. 


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