IT Workers Expect Major Salary Bumps, Flexibility and Growth in 2022

IT Workers Expect Major Salary Bumps, Flexibility and Growth in 2022

According to Motion Recruitment’s recently released Tech Salary Guide, on average IT workers experienced around a 9.5% salary increase year-over-year in the major tech cities in North America. Analysis from the 2022 Guide, Motion’s annual report highlighting technology salary data, industry trends and recruiting advice, shows why companies fighting for top IT talent need to adjust their compensation strategy to meet market value, especially for mid to senior-level roles. 

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“With urgent hiring demand for experienced technologists and rapid industry growth, it’s a candidate-driven market going into 2022,” said Matt Milano, President of Motion Recruitment. “Add in the dramatic increase of fully remote positions, and the past year has fundamentally altered IT compensation in cities across North America. We’re excited to see technologists receiving so many growth opportunities in salary and overall career choices, especially for fields like cyber, cloud, data, DevOps and software engineering.”

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Following 2021’s rebound from the previous year’s challenges, the amount of open technical jobs has skyrocketed as companies that didn’t hire talent in 2020 seek to fill necessary roles. Following the expedited digital transformation and product innovation brought on by the pandemic, open roles for experienced tech workers have hit record highs – prompting salaries for in-demand talent to do the same. 

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3 Key Insights Into What IT Professionals Want in A Job

Going beyond market-value salaries, other insights about what IT professionals want in a job include flexibility, better work-life balance and technical challenges or interesting problems to solve. Three key takeaways about what a tech job seeker wants in a job offer: 

    • Flexibility: The majority of tech workers in the U.S. are hoping to find more flexibility in work location and life balance. 
    • Increasing Value: 87% of IT professionals currently hold at least one certification, and each accreditation gained leads to a possible salary boost of up to $12k per certification gained. 
    • Career growth: Upskilling opportunities, stable leadership and technical challenges are some of the most important things North American IT employees are looking for in a company. 

To read more about these topics as well as the latest salary data across the IT industry, download Motion’s Tech Salary Guide today. The information is based on thousands of technologists and verified against other industry leaders’ reporting to provide salary data for mid to senior-level technologists, whether hiring or for their career growth. 



If after reading our Tech Salary Guide, you’re interested in furthering your career in tech or looking to add to your IT team, you can contact your local Motion Recruitment office. For over 30 years, Motion has been specializing in mid to senior-level tech positions for both full-time and contract positions, offering companies and job seekers the opportunity to thrive in the everchanging IT industry.

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