The Top 5 Contract Roles with the Highest Pay Increases in 2022

The Top 5 Contract Roles with the Highest Pay Increases in 2022

The contracting economy continues to grow, with the global gig economy hitting nearly $350 billion dollars in 2021. With Web and Graphic Design, Programming, and IT receiving almost 60% of the global freelancer income, tech roles are at the forefront of the contract role revolution. With the increased demand for contract workers inside the enterprise tech industry along with the candidate-driven marketplace driven by the Great Resignation (both described in further detail in Motion Recruitment’s 2022 State of Tech Employment, available free to download), tech workers in North America saw a pay jump of 9.5% on average year-over-year, with certain cities seeing compensation increases hit double-digits.

Continue below to see the technology categories that are seeing the highest year-over-year increases on average.

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All compensation information in this article is based on Motion Recruitment’s 2022 State of Tech Employment, a 2022 report with insights from tech industry experts, the latest IT market trends and hourly pay rate data for tech positions.

Tech Role Categories with the Biggest Contracting Rate Change in 2022

  1. Network Security Engineering: 17% YOY increase on average
  2. Sales Engineering: 16% YOY increase on average
  3. Penetration Tester: 14% YOY increase on average
  4. C# Developer: 12% YOY increase on average
  5. Computer Vision Engineer: 12% YOY increase on average

For more insight into why these areas are so in demand right now, data on the market conditions, and salary trends for job titles across all IT specialties, download your free 2022 Enterprise State of Tech Employment today.

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