What 8 Job Titles Do NFT Companies Want to Hire Now?

What 8 Job Titles Do NFT Companies Want to Hire Now?

The NFT ecosystem continues to grow, with almost 1 million unique addresses buying or selling an NFT in Q1 2022 and Q2 on pace to be even higher. Even with the recent fluctuations in price, the NFT and blockchain industry is becoming an enticing place for tech professionals to start or grow their careers. As companies in the NFT and blockchain space continue to fill out their ranks, certain positions are becoming vital roles that NFT and blockchain businesses need to fill.

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Here are some of the top jobs tech professionals should search for when looking for a career in NFTs:

Solidity Engineer/Developer

The favored tool for smart contract development, knowledge of Solidity is a highly desired skill set in the world of NFTs and blockchain. An object-oriented programming language similar to JavaScript, more tools are being created to help professionals learn and train in Solidity, as it is twice as popular as the next blockchain coding language. A fundamental part of any company’s expansion into blockchain and NFTs, Solidity Engineers and Developers will be designing, coding, testing and deploying smart contracts.

Blockchain Developer

Relatedly, as the foundation of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, those with skills and experience with the blockchain are extremely valuable for businesses looking to get into this emerging technology. Separated into two types, Core Blockchain Developers and Blockchain Software Developers, specific responsibilities can vary from company to company. Depending on the role, Blockchain Developers will be tasked with creating and ensuring security and compliance across a blockchain network, building and implementing decentralized applications, and developing best practices inside a company’s blockchain system.

For those that have experience in Cryptography, Data, Web Development, and/or code writing, along with knowledge of blockchain, these developer positions could be a great fit.

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UI/UX Designer

When it comes to blockchain and NFTs, a size-able amount of the public, even in the tech community still don’t completely understand the full scope of these technologies and projects. This is why many companies in the field are picking up those with UI/UX designing experience, helping lay out complicated information in an easy-to-understand way. A way for those in UI/UX to stand out to these companies is to already have Web3 experience. However, any person that has knowledge of the NFT and blockchain space but is somewhat lacking the technical background, getting in via UI/UX designer jobs is a great entry point.



No matter the company in tech, cybersecurity workers will always be in high demand. In the growing web3 world, being able to keep information safe while using the latest technologies is a skill that is paramount to the success of blockchain and NFT endeavors. With the recent slate of issues like stolen NFT assets and discovered vulnerabilities in marketplaces like OpeanSea, having the experience to combat these threats are valuable to companies in the space.

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Creative and Marketing Management

Similar to UI/UX careers, even if you’re not as tech-savvy, working in a marketing department inside a blockchain/NFT company is a great opportunity for a career in NFTs. Getting the word out about new NFT projects is a key component of its success, and because of that marketing departments are growing in blockchain businesses. From building communities on social media, targeted advertising, or copywriting, a good NFT marketer will combine the extensive knowledge of NFTs and the ability to drum up excitement for a new project.

Outside of non-technical roles like marketing, there are additional roles and skills that are ubiquitous around the tech world that companies in the blockchain and NFT world are interested in. Things like having experience in working within the cloud, software engineering roles and full-stack developers all have their place in this growing sector.

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