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DevOps & Cloud Solutions

Companies today face serious threats to the security and efficiency of their digital ecosystems. MCG Consultants take an Agile approach to developing enterprise solutions with built-in security monitoring, world-class automation, and complex scalability planning to optimize current and future product/project results.

DevOps & Cloud Services

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DevOps & Cloud Challenges We Solve

MCG consultants are experts at solutioning for the most common business challenges involving:

  • Efficiency: Elimination of bloated technical debt to increase productivity and cost savings.
  • Compliance: Consistent and rigorous protocol plans for products, platforms, and applications.
  • Legacy Architecture: Migrating or maintenance of systems for continuity, termination, or growth.
  • Scalability: Cloud strategy to improve reliability, configurability, security, and performance.

Partner with MCG for Real Results

DevOps & Cloud Solutions will improve risk mitigation, compliance, automation strategies, cost savings, and more to guarantee exceptional outcomes that include:


Decrease in Budgeted IT Costs


Security Incident Reduction


Faster Response Time to System Errors


Increase in Project Quality KPIs

With MCG’s help, we were building software faster than ever but hit a bottleneck getting it into production. By implementing “as code”, automated testing, and more rigorous technical practices, MCG helped us reduce our time to deploy by 60%.

Angela E. | IT VP, Dallas

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Meet a Consultant

Meet a Consultant



Breon Green has been improving operational efficiency for Fortune 500 companies for over 15 years in the areas of DevSecOps and Cloud. Breon has a passion for building innovative and scalable automation strategies that secure and streamline IT ecosystems. He currently holds top industry level IT DevOps certifications in AWS (CSA), Linux (RHCSA), VMware (VCP 4,5,6), and Chef.​

Breon Green


Lead DevOps Consultant

Breon Green



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