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Product Optimization

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Product Optimization Solutions

Software companies today that want to lead in their industry must be willing to take bold steps with their product strategy. MCG consultants pave this path for continuous innovation with transformative and disciplinary plans inspired by product ideation and governed by marketplace alignment.

Product Optimization Services

Project-to-Product Strategy

Product Discovery Processes & Toolsets

Prototyping Practices

Lean Product Delivery

Product Organization Alignment

Product Optimization Challenges We Solve

MCG consultants are experts at solutioning for the most common business challenges involving:

  • Product Adoption: The right products for the target audience.
  • Speed: Prioritization of challenges and rapid response to customer feedback.
  • Scalability: Assurance of forward-facing product growth.
  • Organizational Alignment: Customer-centric planning.

Partner with MCG for Real Results

Product Optimization Solutions will improve your activation rates, feature usage, customer retention, monetization, and more to guarantee exceptional outcomes that include:


Higher Annual Product Sales Growth Rate


Increased Revenue per Employee


Reduction in Customer Onboarding Time


Increase in Employee Satisfaction on Development Teams

Motion Consulting Group was a key enabler to moving our newly formed Digital Products team from an IT mindset to a product mindset with a focus on building the right products at the right time. They accelerated our speed to market by training and coaching our teams into new ways of working.

Geoff H. | VP, Atlanta

Begin Your Transformation

Meet a Consultant

Meet a Consultant

Meet a Consultant



Tony Shawver has been helping organizations transform for over 15 years in the areas of Agile Delivery, Product Development, and Organizational Transformations. His pragmatic and holistic approach keeps companies aligned and growing throughout the journey. Tony is adept at bridging the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, facilitating workshops and fostering a culture of transparency always with an eye on driving business outcomes, championing innovation, and ensuring lasting change.

Tony Shawver



Tony Shawver



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