Highest Paying IT Jobs In Charlotte, NC

Highest Paying IT Jobs In Charlotte, NC

The city of Charlotte continues to play an integral role in the growth of North Carolina's technology sectors. Although a large majority of the companies fall under fintech, recent studies show other industries have taken notice of Charlotte's tech potential. With more cultivation comes higher demand for specific tech salaries.

For an overview of the highest paid tech jobs in the most demanding tech sectors in Charlotte, NC download our IT salary report or continuing reading below.


Back End Software Developer Salaries

The top five roles in the U.S. are technology related, with developers and software engineers topping the list. Software Development trends are continuing to evolve, creating a higher demand for associated roles. Highest paying roles include:

Golang Developer Salaries

Salary Range: $129,417- $155,736

Java Architect

Salary Range: $130,071- $161,467

.NET Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $134,556-$168,942

Software Developer Salaries

JavaScript Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $102,915-$131,463

Front End Developer Salaries

Salary Range: $102,176-$134,764

React Developer Salaries

Salary Range: $110,336-$134,556

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Infrastructure & Security Salaries

As the IT sector takes on 2021, embracing cybersecurity & infrastructure trends creates a large advantage over other companies. In 2020, 64% of companies experienced web-based attacks, creating an even greater demand for Security Engineers. Check out the highest paying salaries trending now:

Cloud Security Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $131,863-$155,369

DevOps Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $132,762-$161,467

Security Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $131,416-$176,537

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Data Science Salaries

Data Scientists and related roles have become some of the most sought after jobs. According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Jobs Report, this has resulted in a 37% annual growth for the position in just the US alone. Check out the highest paying data salaries in Charlotte:

Data Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $137,546-$168,195

Machine Learning Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $111,577-$167,298

Big Data Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $163,936-$183,893

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