12 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in the US for 2021

12 Highest Paying Tech Jobs in the US for 2021

The state of the technology marketplace continues to evolve in 2021. Tech employment in the United States reached an estimated 23% increase during in the past decade.

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According to the recent Dice hiring trend report, it is estimated that the total number of technology sector jobs would increase from 41 million in 2020 to 190 million in 2025. Organizations are preparing for the surge in demand as they pivot to make up for lost time during their hiring freezes. Technology professionals with the correct skills have an endless amount of career opportunity in the current US IT market. 

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Back End Software Developer Salaries

Software Development trends are continuing to evolve, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting an 8% increase in developer job opportunities from 2019 to 2029. Back-end developer salaries, job prospects and lifestyle are all considerations. As with any job, back-end web development salary will differ from state to state, and according to your exact position and experience. Here are some of the highest paying roles in the field:

Platform Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $170,000-$196,800

.Net Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $150,000-$188,333

Java Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $145,000-$180,000

Security Salaries

As the workforce continues to shift remote, 80% of employees report receiving phishing emails, compared to 73% in 2019, and employees are 15% more likely to click on a malicious link. With this data, there is an increase in the demand for IT security roles, including:

Security Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $155,000-$215,000

Security Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $118,070-$196,250

DevSecOps Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $125,090-$196,250

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Infrastructure Salaries

The market for IT infrastructure equipment will be dominated by increased options for customers’ data management and increased demand for solutions that serve specific workloads.

Kubernetes Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $93,043-$182,000

DevOps Architect Salaries

Salary Range: $148,000-$180,000

Control Systems Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $80,000-$180,000

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Data Salaries

Data Engineering has become increasingly relevant in our highly-connected, AI driven world. In the past, software engineers focused their efforts on developing scalable web architectures until they realized their biggest headache was their data architecture. See where some of the most in-demand data roles fall for compensation.

Computer Vision Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $97,627-$197,464

Data Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $153,284-$180,334

NLP Engineer Salaries

Salary Range: $111,250-$173,115

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