Highest Paying Tech Jobs in Product and UX for 2022

Highest Paying Tech Jobs in Product and UX for 2022

The tech industry was resilient in 2021, with Motion’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide finding that all IT sectors saw salary increases, including jobs in the Product and UX field. In fact, according to the data, UX professionals saw a 6% increase, and Product Management workers saw a 5% increase (both year-over-year), with specific cities seeing much higher raises. With these increases, Product and UX careers are firmly in the mix of much-needed job specialties, as a top 5 in-demand skill according to Linkedin. Titles such as Product Manager (#3) and UI Designer (#24) are in the top 25 best jobs to have in 2021, per a Glassdoor report.

“Throughout 2021, we've seen almost every company we work with hire for Product and UX and the demand has been consistent," said Alexa Mohr, UX Practice Manager at Motion. "Some of our clients are hiring Product Managers for the first time, realizing the value in having a team member who is focusing on the user and their experience. This means many businesses are truly valuing the human experience and focusing on making better products that serve those users."

Motion Recruitment has gone through the numbers and has found the highest paying Product and UX jobs in North America for 2022. Continue reading below to see the positions that command the highest salaries at both mid and senior levels and download Motion’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide to learn about the latest tech market trends, insights from industry experts and salary data for over 120 tech positions and 16 cities across North America.

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Product and UX Average Overall Salaries

Mid-Level Range: $96,000 - $126,000

Senior-Level Range: $130,000 - $152,000

NOTE: With contracting and per hour roles becoming increasingly popular, here is a formula to convert full-time salaries to per hour: (Salary) / 50 (working weeks per year) / 40 (working hours per week) = $X per hour. Then multiply $X by 1.15.


Highest Product and UX Salaries

Mid-Level Positions:

  1. Product ManagerMy CTA (Nov 29, 2021 8:58 AM)
    Mid-Level Salary Range: $110,000 - $136,000
  1. Product Designer
    Mid-Level Salary Range: $96,000 - $128,000
  1. UI/UX Designer
    Mid-Level Salary Range: $96,000 - $125,000

Senior-Level Positions

  1. Product Designer
    Senior-Level Salary Range: $135,000 - $161,000
  1. Product Manager
    Senior-Level Salary Range: $126,000 - $157,000
  1. UI/UX Designer
    Senior-Level Salary Range: $131,000 - $138,000

For more salaries like these, download the guide for your city's or national ranges across 120+ IT jobs across North America.

If you’re interested in taking the next steps in your tech career or a company looking to find the top tech talent in North American, contact your local Motion Recruitment office today. Working in the mid-to-senior level IT job industry for over 30 years, Motion sets itself apart by having our recruiters each specialize in a specific department of the tech industry, allowing them to become experts in a particular section of the IT workforce. With offices in 16 cities across the United States and Canada, Motion can help companies and candidates take the next step in the tech market. Contact us now.

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