Why is Cyber Security Important?

There are 62% more security professionals needed in the US than exist in the current talent pool. With more breaches than ever before, along with increased costs tied to prevention and recovery, the time to modernize your security practices is now. 

Download this Guide to: 

  • Identify top cybersecurity risks, costs, and threats to your business 
  • Know the investments required to achieve security and avoid breaches
  • Compare our end-to-end security team checklist to your existing team
  • Learn what our Infrastructure and Security experts at Motion Recruitment are witnessing in today's market

If you are interested in Cybersecurity Salaries, check out our Cybersecurity Salary Guide.



Importance of Cyber Security: Easily compromised data such as personal information, intellectual properties, trade secrets and health records, can cost companies millions of dollars, precious time and critical resources after a massive data breach. 

Unfortunately, many sophisticated cyber-attacks could have been prevented with the right security practices in place. Threats can come from any level of your organization, and are not limited to a particular team. It is more critical than ever before to begin building your end-to-end security strategy, and develop training and resources to arm your employees with the knowledge to remain secure.