The State of Tech Hiring:                Industry Insights for Tech Leaders

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Navigating the Current Market as a Tech Leader

Whether you’re facing a company hiring freeze or hold, you have open roles that are as urgent as ever to fill, or you’re unsure what hiring (and the future) looks like for your industry, you likely have questions about today’s market and its impact on your team. This virtual event will provide answers about the state of the tech hiring, the talent within it, and how to successfully move forward as a technical leader despite the challenges – and in light of the opportunities – the COVID-19 crisis has created.

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Hear Insights on the Following Tech Hiring Trends:

  • What Tech Positions Face a Talent Shortage, and the role Stable & Resilient Industries are Playing
  • How Layoffs and Uncertainties Are Impacting Your Tech Candidate Talent Pool
  • How Today’s Market Conditions will Affect Compensation and Offer Negotiation
  • What Tech Leaders Need to do NOW to be Successful in Q3, Q4, and Moving Forward
  • Where Going Virtual Changes the Recruiting, Hiring and Onboarding Processes


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In an effort to make our impact even more helpful during this difficult time, we will make a $100 donation to the CDC emergency relief fund for any placements from new job orders received from this contact form over the next 90 days.

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