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    • The impact of 2021 on wages.
    • What candidates now want.
    • The state of tech employment today.
    • How to navigate the tech talent gap.
    • The future of work(places) in tech.
    • The evolution of the hiring process.
  • And...What You Need to Know for 2022 Compensation

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tsgIf You Haven't Already, Here's Why You Should Download our 2021 Tech Salary Guide...

Despite the challenges of 2020, tech professionals and companies rose to prove their value and provide necessary services and products when they’re needed most. The gap between tech talent supply and increasing demand has been widening, but the economic impact of the pandemic may be changing the course. The impact of this year’s challenges continue into 2021, leaving many with more uncertainty and questions than answers when it comes to salaries and compensation.

    • In the aftermath of COVID-19, is there more tech talent on the market?
    • How the pandemic and its influence on the market impacted tech salaries in 2021
    • How does remote work affect compensation, supply, and demand?

While we share our perspective on the above in our 2021 Tech Salary Guide, one thing is for certain going into 2022: the tech hiring landscape is as competitive as ever, still presenting great opportunities for growth in tech innovation, careers and salaries. Our goal is to help provide the crucial job market data you need to set your expectations correctly when hiring for top tech talent or ensuring your tech salary is competitive in the current marketplace.