Highest Paying Front End Jobs in 2022

Highest Paying Front End Jobs in 2022

With some of the highest paying jobs in tech, workers in front end development are primed to see their salaries continue to increase in 2022. Data released from Motion’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide and 2022 State of Enterprise Tech Employment (both available to download for free right now) shows that the increase in Front End developer jobs, particularly Javascript developers, saw a 7% pay jump on average year-over-year, with some cities seeing a double-digit increase.

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Demand for front end positions is seeing no signs of slowing down, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics noted that web developers and digital designer employment are projected to grow 13% over this decade, surpassing the 8% average of all occupations. 

Continue below to see the positions that offer the highest salaries inside front end departments for both mid and senior-level positions.

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All salary information in this article is based on Motion Recruitment’s 2022 Tech Salary Guide. Gain insights from tech industry experts, learn about the latest IT market trends and find salary data for over 120+ tech positions in 15 cities across North America, all in one place.


Highest Paying Front End Web Developer Jobs in North America

Senior Level Positions:

  1. Javascript Architect: $156,000 – $177,000
  2. React Developer: $120,000 – $156,000
  3. Web Developer: $131,000 – $147,000

Mid-Level Positions:

  1. React Developer: $91,000 – $128,000
  2. Vue.Js Developer: $97,000 – $119,000
  3. Javascript Developer: $87,000 – $119,000

For salary data on more front end or other tech jobs, download the 2022 Tech Salary Guide for salary data for 15 cities across North America alongside the insights you need for success in 2022 below.

Average and highest salaries can vary by region. Find each city's Tech Salary Guide here:

Atlanta Boston Charlotte Chicago Dallas
Seattle Los Angeles New York Orange County Philadelphia
Phoenix San Francisco Silicon Valley Toronto Washington D.C.


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