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Silicon Valley
IT Staffing & Recruiting

Trusted Tech Staffing Agency in Silicon Valley

As a top choice for IT staffing in Silicon Valley, Motion partners with job seekers looking for new opportunities and helps hiring managers find qualified candidates for hard-to-fill roles.

Motion Recruitment

333 West Santa Clara Street
Suite 614
San Jose, CA 95113
(408) 418-1520
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One of the Top IT Staffing Agencies in San Jose

Looking for an IT role? Motion Recruitment is Silicon Valley’s IT staffing experts, working with those in the biggest tech talent hub in the US to help take their career to the next level. With each of our recruiters focusing on one particular part of the tech landscape, Motion is able to provide advice and insights to job seekers you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

For over 30 years, Motion has been a part of the IT staffing world, matching mid to senior level tech candidates with some of the top companies in North America. Beyond full-time positions, Motion excels in the contracting world as well, with a competitive benefits package and portfolio of name-brand companies making contracting an exciting opportunity for our extensive list of quality tech candidates.


Silicon Valley is birthplace to the unicorn and minotaur. While FAANG (Facebook/Apple/Amazon/Netflix/Google) continue to dominate this market, heavy early stage funding narrows the gap between traditional big tech employers and emerging new startups. Technology disruption is a constant here and the best and brightest from around the world come to San Jose to be part of it.

Scott Brosnan

10 years at Motion

Executive Director - Silicon Valley

First thing I noticed was that this IT Staffing & Recruiting agency is very professional. I had a great experience with the team. They worked with me on a day-to-day basis and kept track of all the new opportunities and interviews. They also gave me useful pointers on how I could prepare for the job interview. I definitely had a very positive impression of this agency.

As one of the best IT Staffing & Recruiting leaders in Silicon Valley, Motion Recruitment has an amazing team that’s helped me again and again. Alex and Tyler provided strong coaching and advice, access to hot companies and positions, and helped me put my best foot forward. I can’t recommend them enough!

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